NEW Contract Win

We are extremely pleased to announce that a signed contract has been received for a Virtual Parachute Training System (VPTS) to a customer in Morocco.

The order is for 1 Student Jump Station and Instructor Operating Station of the ‘Lite’ variant and will be based on the generic software that is in service with various military schools.

Not only does this order mark the first sale of VPTS following internal investment and a product development exercise, but this is also Pennant’s first direct contract win into Africa and to a new customer.

Pennant have been in discussions with our Moroccan customer since the I/ITSEC exhibition in 2018, where the UK team exhibited a range of Pennant’s capability, including a variant of the parachute trainer to showcase the product’s extensive list of features.

Stuart Hooker (Business Development Executive) said “This is a great result to finally get the sale completed, especially in what has been a very challenging period. I look forward to seeing the finished solution and hope this is the first of several orders from our VR portfolio. I thank the wider team for their support in getting this on contract”.

In what has been a good week for our Parachute systems, the team also secured an order for an additional custom terrain to be developed for the end-users here in the UK.

The Virtual Parachute Training System (VPTS) is an immersive training system capable of supporting initial canopy control training and malfunction recognition through to mission planning and rehearsal.

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