MOU between RDA and Pennant is signed

Today, Thursday 23 January, Pennant, are delighted to sign an MOU with RDA Hunter. An exciting time for Pennant and Aviation Skills Foundation with the Aviation Skills Charter going international, overseas to Australia.

The signing of the MOU builds upon Pennant’s successful on-going relationship as an aviation industry skilling partner with RDA Hunter and the visit of Trevor John (RDA) back in November to the International Aviation Academy – Norwich (IAA-N).

RDA Hunter provides numerous activities and programmes to the Hunter region, training and shaping the future workforce required in the industry. As well as industry-led STEM programmes and the ME programme, they work closely with aviation and aerospace organisations such as; Royal Australian Air Force, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin Australia, Jetstar and Boeing Defence Australia.

RDA Hunter’s Executive Officer, Trevor John said, “We are delighted to be partnering with the Pennant Group and the Aviation Skills Foundation.  Our program participants will benefit from their international experience and knowledge in training for aviation careers. We are thrilled to be starting a new journey with our aviation partners which sees proven training packages available to students in the Hunter and Shoalhaven regions as part of the International Charter for Aviation Skills.  For those who are interested in defence, aerospace and aviation careers, this means they will be equipped with internationally comparable skills.”

The Aviation Skills Charter covers five key areas to promote future careers and skill development within the aviation industry and current work force. It promotes and recognises the potential that anyone can pursue a career in aviation and aims to develop partnerships across the industry, as well as pathways interfaced with jobs, regional academies and bringing together information and communication networks to supply the necessary information to those seeking it.

Pennant’s CEO Phil Walker, said “I’m delighted to be signing the MOU with RDA today. I look forward to seeing the Charter and RDAs STEM programmes continuing to enhance the Hunter region student’s current training programmes, and to see the development of training across New South Wales and the rest of Australia.”


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