Memorial Day 2018

In continuing with the remembrance as our sister company ADG did on ANZAC Day in April, this week we will commemorate Memorial Day or Decoration Day in the United States, as we remember the people who died while serving in our country’s armed forces. Parades will take place, people will visit cemeteries and memorials on this day, and volunteers will place an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries. Afterwards, majority of Americans will be celebrating our fallen soldiers at barbeques with family and friends, together as one.

Not being a veteran myself, but having strong connections to many that have served and that have given their lives to their countries, I always thought that this day was a start of something amazing. Mainly because there is no stronger bond then when people are able to unite as one and come together to celebrate honor and respect.

My most memorable moment was starting off the summer season on Memorial Day with a parade in our local town in honor of our heroes. With American Flags lining every street on every porch, you couldn’t help but smile. I even marched in those parades many times as a baton twirler, a member of a dance squad, a softball player and now, I get to watch the next generation carry on the those traditions together! But the parade was always just the start, as a kid and still for our kids today, it marks the day the pools are finally OPEN and the start of everything good. A time when we were surrounded by family and friends as we celebrated, together.


Being together was always the key, and still remains so, not only with our family and friends today, but with our colleagues and business partners as well. We strongly believe in the values that any success will always be at the hands of working together. Our OneStrand Alliance partner network allows us to break barriers together and unite as one, just as our fallen soldiers did when they fought together.

We at OneStrand would like to thank our fallen heroes today with honor and respect, by building our future together as they have shown through their dedication and commitment. We also would like to extend a thank you to the families of those fallen heroes, your loss is a true sacrifice and we thank you for your loved ones that have fought and continue to fight to protect our country.

May We Never Forget!


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