Making training equipment and the environment COVID safe

Are you seeking safe and reliable kit for students to use? The team at Pennant have put their expertise to use and composed an article of tips and tricks for how our generic products can be adapted and used in a safe way, to help abide by COVID-19 guidance.

Our products are constantly evolving through continuous innovation and are adaptable to several scenarios.

Our Generic Hand Skill Trainer (GenSkill) is a freestanding device, allowing you to safely space out the trainers, meeting the social distancing guidelines and increasing student safety and skills at the same time.

The procedure list for the GenSkill can be carried out on an individual basis, minimising the contact students need to have with one another.

The Generic Fastener Installation Trainer (GFIT) is a small portable device for basic hand skill development. Space the trainers around the classroom, let them take it home, or if working in ‘bubbles’ students can easily wipe this training aid down with anti-bacterial wipes, due to its robustness and size.

Additionally, the GFIT only requires a limited selection of tools, providing the instructor the option to assign tools for each student and separate them out, reducing the handling of each item.

Several other methods are in place across many training environments, including hand sanitiser stations, marking out boxes for individuals to stand in, mask wearing, UV lights that help reduce virus spread, antibacterial wipes to ensure the kit is ready for use for the next person and the opportunity to demo procedures, record it and share it for students learning virtually.

These products can be supplied with supplementary training material such as task mapping to regulatory standards including EASA, City & Guilds, CASA and FAA.

As well as being able to successfully utilise our technical training devices, we also offer leasing options across a number of our generic training products. We are working with Funding4Education to offer this solution. The innovative approach to funding should be considered as a turnkey training solution and not just procurement of a training asset.

If you would like any further information, please let us know and get in touch at [email protected].


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