KiT! Magazine celebrates 25 years!

Pennant have been involved in producing KiT! Magazine for numerous years and we are proud to celebrate the 100th issue and 25 successful years of the Defence Equipment magazine!

KiT! promotes the safe and efficient use of equipment, which is vital on operations and during training. Safety, equipment care and maintenance issues must be communicated to all ranks in a focussed and easily understood format. Official-looking publications such as Safety Bulletins and Army Equipment Support Publications (AESPs) remain the primary source of information, but KiT! provides a useful supplement to these official publications by presenting information, which is ‘Bite Size’, noticeable and user friendly.

KiT! is colourful and uses professionally drawn cartoons, created by Pennant illustrators, to convey information in an easily digestible and effective manner to all ranks. In addition to its core communication objectives of equipment-related safety, KiT! also provides an invaluable communications channel in support of the rapid introduction of new equipment and modifications to equipment.

Here’s to another 25 years!


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