From Legal Reference Books in SGML in 1997 to S1000D Solutions for Human Spacecraft in 2017, ADG’s 20 year journey.

Welcome to Absolute Data Group’s first blog for 2017, it’s only January and we are off like a rocket! This year will be particularly special to the Brisbane Team as we approach ADG’s 20th Anniversary in November!

Our company’s first project was to take legal data stored in SGML from a database and produce a beautifully formatted legal reference manual using Adobe FrameMaker version 5.5 (yes, FMv5.5) to automate the production of Thomson Reuters “Millers Annotated Trade Practices Act”.  Windows 95 was the operating system, paper was still the primary delivery method and iPad’s were 13 years away from being in our future. As we reflect back to where ADG started 20 years ago, we are proud to continue to provide innovative solutions in order to meet the industries ever-evolving expectations.

As we approach our 20th Anniversary this year, it is our pleasure to announce that the Virgin Galactic Team will be utilizing the R4i S1000D software suite for authoring, publishing and delivery of their technical information that is vital to the operation and maintenance of Virgin Galactic’s human spaceflight systems.

After a sensational year in 2016, I did not imagine that things could get any faster for our team in 2017. With 2017 now already upon us, it seems that we will have another big year ahead focusing on our customers latest work environments, processes and delivery requirements with even more amazing software releases.

Regardless of what the platform may entail, SGML to XML, PC to tablets; whatever the industry future holds, we are excited to assist and support in your organizations information delivery challenges and goals.

Tammy Halter
CEO and Founder
Absolute Data Group


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