Did you Know? Flash will be unsupported by the end of 2020!

In 2018 Adobe announced that Flash Player would no longer be supported by the end of 2020, potentially causing problems for customers with information, software and courses that have historically been supported by Flash.

Pennant’s proven expertise supported by a specialist media services team can provide the expertise in converting legacy media to suitable formats that will be supported in 2020, such as HTML5. Other capabilities include; converting to mobile/tablet formats, alternative platforms (Windows, android, IOS, etc), deployed to hosted solution, compliance updates to revised standards, general usability updates/redesign and SCORM conformance.

Through our dedicated team, Pennant will be able to help prioritise the order of work needing to be converted, enhance and double check-continuity through all programmes and information and produce future programmes and information in the same format if needed. For more information, get in touch here.


Other industries

(Shipping, Nuclear, Space)