CCTech 2010 ILS & RAMS Conference in Beijing

CCTech 2010 ILS & RAMS Conference in Beijing. With over 140 attendees from defence and civil organisations, including presentations from Pennant, Isograph and CCTech, as well as Industry and Government customers’ experiences, the conference was deemed to have been a great success.

Chris Mair, General Manager of Pennant Software Services, updated the conference on Pennant Group’s successes in 2009 and the investment and launch of the multi-lingual OmegaPS and OSAM (OmegaPS Support Analysis Model). The OmegaPS suite is the first and only fully compliant Chinese LSAR product for MIL STD 1388 2B and Def STAN 00-60.

CCTech, Pennant’s distributor for over 5 years for the OmegaPS suite of products, has worked closely with Pennant to develop the ILS market within China and now with a true Chinese LSAR capability the Pennant/CCTech team look forward to building and expanding on our early successes.


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