Can I combine SCORM e-Learning content with S1000D?

Why use a SCORM-compliant system?

SCORM compliance ensures interoperability between e-learning content, authoring tools and learning management systems. It means content will run and behave the same, on different Learning Management Systems.

Taking it one step further, combining SCORM with the S1000D specification allows training developers to re-use technical content that is stored within an S1000D repository (like our R4i Common Source Database). This allows training developers and technical writers to use the same base content, hundreds of hours in content creation and re-entering data.

Importantly, only technical writers can change the technical content of a course. Training developers instead have “read only” access to the technical content but can enhance the technical content with specific learning modules .

Skills M5 system

Skills M5 is a popular SCORM-compliant online Learning Management System, which enable companies to deliver quality competency-based training courses and measured outcomes online. Skills M5 is made up of two modules:

Skills Studio – the easy to use forms-based authoring tool for developing interactive online courseware

Skills MyClass – a SCORM-compliant online advanced student management module

Together these modules offer a complete end-to-end e-learning environment.

Combine learning modules with technical data modules via a drag and drop interface in R4i Binder to output a SCORM PIF or PDF student workbook.

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