Building stronger Communities, together!

OneStrand and AEC cares for our communities and the people living in them. We have a spiritual mission that states our team will commit to donating our time, knowledge, and experience to socially responsible tasks. This may include projects to assist people, animals, institutions, and the environment, among others.

September 24, 2016, our AEC Costa Rica office had the amazing opportunity to go to a local primary school and paint several of the classrooms. The school is located in the mountains surrounding Heredia city, which is located about 45 minutes from our office. Nineteen AEC employees, our management team, and some family members (pictured below) participated in the event by painting four of the classrooms and donating all the paint, brushes, and rollers to the school. Since the teachers and parents now have enough paint for three more classrooms, the school can now use the extra budget to extend class times for the children this year.

Our communities is what makes us stronger together and we are honored to have been a part of this wonderful experience!


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