Bob’s No Turkey!

Bod had a spring in his step as he locked his office and headed to his car. He was looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday. “I love a good Turkey Day,” chuckled Bob.

It’s been a big year for the Tech Pub’s Manager. The new project is in full swing and early assembly is ramping up. This has put a fresh wind in his sails and more money in his pocket.

Bob pressed the silver engine start button on his new Mercedes AMG. “I love that V8 rumble”, he muttered to himself. He certainly did not miss his old, tired Camry.

Pulling up at a stop light, Bob found himself listening to the soft rhythmic “click, click, click” sound of the car’s indicator as the words ‘Process, Production, Publishing’ popped into this head. This was the title of his recent presentation “The 3 P’s” that was delivered to his management on the Pennant IPS product suite he had purchased earlier this year. You know, I might…

Bob’s thought was interrupted with a “BEEEPfrom the car behind. “Green light!” the impatient driver screamed. Bob used his 510HP to swiftly dart across the intersection. Backing off the gas, he continued to reflect on the last 12 months. LSA technicians, Writers, Illustrators and Engineers all working together in the one Pennant IPS platform. Who would have thought you can auto generate S1000D Data Modules from the GenS LSAR solution to send straight to the R4i CSDB?! “Wow” he thought again, “just 6 clicks and done, and we have already achieved a time saving of 30% for the project!”

Turning left and close to home, his thoughts turned to family and how he was going to enjoy relaxing with them without the stress of work piling up now that engineers and writers can share the same data using 2021 technology. No more working in silos and without conflict on what the single point of truth is. He was smiling from ear to ear with excitement.

Simply put.

Update MIL-STD-1388-2B data to GEIA-STD-0007 and then generate ASD S1000D content, to whatever comes next. Single desktop, workgroup or Hosted. Combining the Pennant GenS & R4i solutions means removing limitations with no more roadblocks. As Bob turned off the engine and listened to the twin turbo’s whistle end, he pondered the most important thing, how nice it is to be a part of things that just work.

When Bob contacted Pennant for a solution last year, they promised his team an end-to-end IPS solution from a single vendor with a full support system. Not only did Pennant stand behind that promise, but as Bob’s partner, together they achieved that successfully in a timely manner!

Shutting the car door, Bob could see the kids through the living room windows. Smiling, he knew Thanksgiving will be a good day.


Michael Halter
Product Manager



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