Bob meets Hana!

Bob swung his black AMG 63s into his office carpark, pausing to hear that V8 Twin Turbo soundtrack for a few more seconds before turning off the engine. That sound always makes me happy, he chuckled. With three days till Christmas, his team was preparing their final customer Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) deliveries for the year.

I love Christmas, Bob mused, friends, family, and food! Presents under the tree and wood in the fire. Bob smiled. Since he was using the Pennant R4i S1000D Product Suite, these last three days at work would be a breeze. With a few mouse clicks he would be distributing IETP content to, Windows iPad, and Android’s all over the globe. Ooh I am kind of like Santa he chuckled to himself!

Bob was startled by the bright green Jaguar, all electric I-PACE that had silently slid into the car park alongside him. So that is what Hana drives, he mused. The young engineer had recently joined the company and was working on the same new asset delivery program as Bob. Today would be their first trial on information delivery for the new equipment.

Morning Bob, said Hana, laptop bag and cell phone in hand, briskly walking over. Ready for the data delivery? My LSA data set is ready to go! She said with a big smile.

And here we go he thought. Another engineer about to throw a spanner into my technical data delivery process…

So I purchased the GenS solution from Pennant as you suggested Bob. Your CSDB can directly connect to my LSAR and generate the first draft of your procedural and parts publications. Bob breathed a sigh of relief. GenS and R4i CSDB are integrated and work together to automatically create technical data. Yes! A few clicks and he would be done.

Bob turned to Hana, shook her hand and said, Happy holidays Hana, it’s going to be a very Happy New Year!

Sure will…. Hey Bob, have you thought about a hybrid, instead of that big V8?


Michael Halter
Product Manager


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