BAE Systems, Pennant and RMIT Target Bid for ADF Aviation Technical Training

Williamtown, Australia – BAE Systems Australia has teamed with Pennant Training Systems Limited (Pennant) and RMIT University, to provide a leading-edge aviation technical training capability to the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The ADF Aviation Technical Training (ADF ATT) project will provide aviation and other technical tradespeople within the Australian Defence Force with initial trade skilling and postgraduate technical training.

The five year contract commences in December 2012 with the scope to extend to 20 years. It is expected that more than 950 students per year will be trained at RAAF Base Wagga in NSW.

The team will work together to deliver a high quality, customised technical training solution for the ADF, drawing on  BAE Systems’ expertise in delivering aviation training, Pennant’s state of the art training aids and RMIT University’s experience in learning styles and instructional techniques for the modern training environment.

John Quaife, BAE Systems’ General Manager Aviation Solutions described the team as highly capable, experienced and innovative.

“The strength of our partnership is based on our unique capabilities in our individual areas of expertise and the added ability to work together in these environments to reduce cost and program risk. We have brought together a team that will provide the ADF with the most advanced training aids and new perspectives in training delivery,” he said.

“As aircraft technology continues to advance, we will use the skills and resources from across the team to help prepare the ADF’s future aircraft maintainers to support the next-generation aircraft and equipment.

“This highly regarded team will be supported by BAE Systems’ longstanding aviation training expertise and the established relationships with our partners on previous successful training contracts. We look forward to leveraging the extent of our combined capabilities in support of the ADF ATT project requirements.”

Pennant CEO, Chris Snook, added “we are excited to be working with organisations leading in their fields and confident that the team will deliver a world class capability to a very important customer.”


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