Army Enhancements for Pennant’s Synthetic Environment Procedural Trainer (SEPT) at the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering (DCAE) Cosford

Pennant Training Systems Limited (Pennant) is pleased to announce the acceptance of an enhanced SEPT Simulator at DCAE Cosford. This enhancement will allow Army students to practise their marshalling skills in an environment where they need to manoeuvre an aircraft around static objects such as refuel points, load/unload/arming areas, maintenance sites, farm buildings and hard standings. Aircraft available to the student include the Apache attack helicopter, Merlin and Puma helicopters.

SEPT provides training in marshalling and ground handling of both fixed and rotary winged aircraft in complete safety and without the costs of using real aircraft. Training scenarios and aircraft movements are controlled by the instructor, who can; amend scenarios, insert hazards and emergencies, change weather conditions, communicate with the student through an integrated comms system and record student actions.

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