ADG OneStrand and Pennant Partnership

Following on from two successful events this month alongside ADG OneStrand, Pennant were delighted to host Tammy Halter (MD of ADG) and Melissa Pennline (VP of Global Sales & Marketing of OneStrand) on the 17 & 18 October at Pennant’s head office in Cheltenham.

Pennant have been working closely with OneStrand to launch the LTS partnership at DEFSEC in Halifax, Canada and the 2019 S1000D User Forum in London. We are all thrilled with the positive response we have received so far for this joint collaboration.

During the visit to Cheltenham, Tammy and Melissa generously presented Pennant’s CEO, Phil Walker, with a gift of a traditional Australian boomerang with the word Bunji* on it. This was to show the making of a new friend and partnership between the businesses.

Pennant are excited to work with ADG OneStrand again and to see what the future brings for this new partnership.

*Bunji is the Aboriginal word for friend or mate


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