5 signs your training academy needs to invest in a GFIT and GenSkill Mk2

Here at Pennant, we understand how important it is to provide enthusiastic students with the necessary tools to develop their skills and enable them to progress into their future engineering careers successfully.

This requirement has been a driver for recent additions to our range of Generic Maintenance Trainers. These include the Generic Fastener Installation Trainer (GFIT) and the Generic Hand Skills Trainer (GenSkill Mk2), both of which provide a student with the initial cognitive and manipulative skills required for accurate hardware assembly.

If your training establishment is considering the following, then these could be the signs that you need to invest in a Pennant training aid:

  • You are looking to improve student hand skill capabilities in a safe environment
  • You require reliable equipment from a trusted supplier at different price points
  • You need the training aids to be aligned to aviation regulations and qualification standards such as: EASA Pt66, FAA, City & Guilds and CASA MEA
  • You are looking to invest in quality training aids that are robust and durable
  • You are after equipment that saves time and money before students move onto high-end domain trainers or live platforms

The GFIT is suitable for training academies with large groups of students as the portable and cost-effective trainer only requires a limited selection of hand tools and a bench vice. In addition, with minimal space required this makes it the perfect training aid for students to work individually or in pairs to support one another with torque techniques, split pinning, lock wiring and much more.

The GenSkill Mk2 has a functioning low voltage aircraft circuit as a fabrication and modification embodiment, to extend training to avionic skills. This enhancement compliments the existing capabilities of the hand skills trainer where students can practise R&I tasks of aircraft components through confined spaces and access panels.

Historically, we’ve found training academies have used the GenSkill as the starting piece for hand skill training, but now, with the GFIT, students can progress at a pace that suits them, slowly progressing to the GenSkill Mk2 to cover more challenging hardware and electrical training tasks.


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