What do you know about Independence Day? How about S1000D?

This Fourth of July (2018) the United States will celebrate 242 years of independence from the British Empire. What most people don’t know though, is that the Continental Congress voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence on July 2, 1776 not July 4, 1776. What is also usually forgotten is that the War of Independence had just started in 1775 (one year earlier), and didn’t end for another 7 years. Full independence wasn’t achieved until the last British troops departed New York City on November 25, 1783.

When I look back at this history, I think about how it often this situation mirrors real life. Sometimes events just don’t happen as cleanly or as quickly as we would like!

Much like the United States’ war for independence, your S1000D software independence will take time. Your own company’s “Continental Congress” will need to vote to declare S1000D software independence. Then you will need to fight for the time and budget to move away from what you have and then install and train on what you get. Your full S1000D software independence may take a year or two to achieve, but when you choose OneStrand, you’ll have the allies you need to get from declaration to full independence without breaking the bank and without taking over a year to startup.

Now let me ask you this question. Do you like the S1000D software you’re using? Is it fast, easy to use, and filled with great features? How much does it cost you for support every year? If you don’t like the answers you gave to those questions, it might be time for you to declare your independence from your S1000D software and move to OneStrand and the R4i product suite.

Thanks for taking your time to read this blog. I hope your Independence Day celebrations are filled with inspiration, hope, food and fireworks!


Joel Brache


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