What do I need to Upgrade S1000D Data Modules from one Version of the Specification to another?

Due to the nature of S1000D, the legacy versions of Data Modules will still be usable in an IETP and references to them will still work no matter what version the data is in.  A good S1000D CSDB and IETP Viewer should also be able to handle different data versions of the specification, including SGML and XML being stored in the system at the same time.

If you are absolutely needing to upgrade and move the legacy data to a newer version, it is generally recommended that if you begin with creating any new Data Modules first and then as time passes and changes are required to the legacy Data Modules, you then upgrade them to the newer version at the same time as the changes.

Should data be required to be upgraded in batch, then conversion tools will need to be purchased or built to achieve the transition. The good news is that moving from a mark-up language to another is relatively simple and can be planned, mapped and programmed based on the schema upgrade details provided in the S1000D Specifications.


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For assistance with data conversions contact the ADG Team.


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