SAFE Europe Event 2019

On the 8th to 10th April, Tom Higgins attended the SAFE Europe Symposium and Exhibition on behalf of Pennant and Capewell, to deliver a presentation on ‘Increasing Real World Safety with Virtual Repetition’.

Tom was greeted with a fantastic turnout of around 100 listeners who engaged with the Capewell and Pennant presentation. The presentation discussed the advancements in training for real world safety over the years, through the development of virtual reality (VR), while also highlighting the minimal historical training solutions that were previously implemented. With the recent advances in VR training now being developed to improve knowledge, such as the Pennant Loadmaster simulation solution trainer, it is now possible to replicate dangerous scenarios in a safe environment and provide in-depth training through cognitive repetition.

Tom commented “As it was my first time presenting and there was around 100 people watching the presentation, I was quite nervous. However, after 20 or so minutes of talking about training, virtual reality, and our Loadmaster simulator, I was asked lots of questions that showed me that people had been paying attention. Having such a great audience really made me feel like I had managed to get my point across, and even had people waiting for me after the presentation to discuss things further and show an interest in VPTS and VLTS.”

SAFE Europe took place at the Elite Hotel Marina Tower hotel in Stockholm, Sweden and is an extension of the SAFE Association which has an international presence and global group of members.

While attending the event, Tom received a full tour of the Vasa Museum which hosted the Gala dinner on the 9th and met Bob LaFrance of Task Aerospace. Tom said “The Gala dinner was a great chance to informally talk to people from a wide range of companies, with the Vasa museum being an incredible setting for the event.”

With an extensive list of exhibitors and key note speakers there was a great opportunity to network and increase Pennant’s understanding in industry trends with key talks on a vast range of subjects including; the effects of G force, hypoxia, ejector seats, the different types of oxygen masks and systems, and the state of safety equipment in the British Army.

We look forward to attending future events. 


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