R4i V11 Release: 3 Part Webinar Series – REGISTER NOW!

The Pennant Team is proud to announce the latest updates to our R4i product suite, a solution that has been successful for over two decades through continuous development and innovation.

What is R4i? 
The R4i Product Suite provides tools to create, manage and leverage S1000D, ATA and MIL-STD information that is vital to the build, operation and maintenance of complex equipment. The R4i Product Suite provides an end-to-end IPS solution, with the tools designed to be modular, easy to use and most importantly, robust.

What’s new?
New features include (but not limited to):   

  • Internal Release status to allow IETP and PDF publishing reviews internally before formalising for customer deliveries. 
  • +NOTE Feature – A simplified Review cycle that allows multiple Reviewers to add comments and notes and works outside of the Comment Module feature.  
  • Option to set ReViewer to browse ON-LINE and apply +NOTE on data set at Internal Release (IR) status.  
  • Temporary Revision capability. 
  • Book Collection Feature allows Binder books to be grouped into collections.  
  • Ability to Save and Export Book Templates to share and import into R4i Binder on supplier’s site.  
  • Plus, much more!   

Want to know more? 

Join Director of Technology & Innovation, Tammy Halter, and IPS Software Support Manager, Reeta Nye, on the 7th to 10th of November for our upcoming webinar series capturing all the latest features. Plus, you will have the opportunity to join our live Q&A session. Register today, via the REGISTER links provided below.

PLEASE NOTE: We have scheduled two sessions for each Part of this 3 Part webinar series, to accommodate various time zones. 

During this session, Reeta will provide a background on all the R4i v11 changes, the support schedule for the outgoing R4i v10 release, and details of SQL database support moving forward. The upcoming release of the ATA Modules in R4i v11 suite will also be discussed, in preparation for the public launch in Q1 2024.

This 3 Part R4i v11 Release webinar series is an opportunity not to be missed! Click below to register and reserve your seat today.

Tues 7th November, 2023                                                      Wed 8th November, 2023
AUS: 5:00pm (AEST)                                                                  AUS: 6:30am (AEST)
UK: 7:00am (GMT)                                                                      UK: 8:30pm (GMT) Tues 7th November 2023
EURO: 8:00am (CET)                                                                  USA: 12:30pm (PST) Tues 7th November 2023
INDIA: 12:30pm (IST)                                                                 Canada: 3:30pm (EST) Tues 7th November 2023



During Part 2 of the 3 Part R4i v11 Webinar series, Reeta will focus on the new Internal Release status in the CSDB and the capability to utilise the new +NOTE feature in ReViewer and R4i Writer as part of the internal review process with both S1000D or ATA content. 

Wed 8th November, 2023                                                      Thurs 9th November, 2023
AUS: 5:00pm (AEST)                                                                  AUS: 7:00am (AEST)
UK: 7:00am (GMT)                                                                      UK: 9:00pm (GMT) Wed 8th November 2023
EURO: 8:00am (CET)                                                                  USA: 1:00pm (PST) Wed 8th November 2023
INDIA: 12:30pm (IST)                                                                 Canada: 4:00pm (EST) Wed 8th November 2023



During this final session of the R4i V11 Webinar Series, Reeta will focus on the new and easy to use Temporary Revision capability, available to content in both ATA or S1000D Data Module formats. With the click of a button, the TRs are also published and managed out in IETP deliveries.

Thurs 9th November, 2023                                                    Fri 10th November, 2023
AUS: 5:00pm (AEST)                                                                  AUS: 7:00am (AEST)
UK: 7:00am (GMT)                                                                      UK: 9:00pm (GMT) Thurs 9th November 2023
EURO: 8:00am (CET)                                                                  USA: 1:00pm (PST) Thurs 9th November 2023
INDIA: 12:30pm (IST)                                                                 Canada: 4:00pm (EST) Thurs 9th November 2023



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