‘Pennant Training Systems – Providing ‘real’ skills for the Hunter’s Future Aerospace Workforce’

Pennant Australia are proud to join RDA Hunter’s STEM Workforce Initiative to help prepare and excite Hunter students for defence industry trade careers.

RDA Hunter has purchased three of our Generic Hand-skills Trainers (GenSkills), which will be used in Aeroskills and Engineering Studies to allow students to apply their technical knowledge in a practical way.

Stavros Tsolakides, Pennant’s Support and Business Development Manager, said, “We are very pleased to be working with RDA Hunter to promote aeroskills trades in the Hunter region. Our GenSkills devices provide engaging, practical, hands-on training and a tangible way for students to apply their skills. Our hope is that our equipment will help spark student interest in pursuing careers in the Hunter’s growing aerospace sector.”

Read the full RDA Hunter STEM article here. And to learn more about the GenSkill you can view our promotional video or visit the webpage.


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