Pennant & Track Access attend the RIA Annual Conference

On the 7th & 8th November, Pennant and Track Access representatives John Churchman and Will Bruce attended the RIA Annual Conference in London.

The RIA conference is a key event in the rail calendar catering for member organisations of all sizes, including industry leaders, influencers and international guests. The theme for the conference this year was ‘Building customer-focused rail, at home and abroad’.  Both Will & John were on hand discuss the impressive portfolio of rail solutions and capabilities Pennant and Track Access can offer – from Omega PS Rail, our software generating RAMS data & maintenance information for major UK and international projects, to demonstrated Computer Based Training (CBT), e-Learning and training simulators. The recent acquisition of Track Access adds significant value with Driver Training and Route Learning, and access to the Track Access On-Line Portal currently featuring in excess of 50% of Network Rail routes.

The two day event boasted keynote speeches, panel discussions, networking opportunities and covered discussion of the global market. You can view photos from the event here.

John said ‘’It was great to be involved in the Conference and to hear informative presentations & discussions from industry leaders and international guests. The Keynote and Q & A session with Managing Director of Southern and Gatwick Express Railways, Angie Doll, was very insightful as she explained the many challenges faced and how significant progress has been achieved – the key driver always being serving our customers and showing continual improvement – a message that resonates with what Pennant are achieving as well.”

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