Pennant hosts its ‘Future of Technical Training’ Industry Day

On 18th October 2018, Pennant hosted its inaugural ‘Future of Technical Training’ day which took place in the new demonstration facility at Pennant Connection.

We invited various companies to come and explore our innovative and technical training solutions. The day focused on three core areas: Virtual Training Solution, Regulation and training requirements
Future Product Solutions.

These were covered within three informative presentations. Pennant’s various capabilities, as well as attitudes and ambitions for the future, were displayed. Our training videos, including the new Corporate video, provided an insight into Pennant’s work and overall aims. This was a valuable opportunity to convey the evolution of Pennant’s development.

Product demonstrations were carried out in the afternoon which allowed us to show how we are utilising various technologies, as well as providing quality training solutions, in safe and controlled environments. This was an exciting and beneficial opportunity as we were able to engage with our visitors face to face and present the full potential of our training products. This worked particularly well with our virtual products as our guests were able to experience their immersive capabilities first-hand.

Pennant is delighted with the success of our industry day and we look forward to engaging with our customers and end-users at similar events in the future.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended our day and hope they found it as enjoyable and worthwhile as we did.


Other industries

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