Pennant Canada partner with OneStrand

The OmegaPS ILS Software and Services Division of Pennant International Ltd have partnered with OneStrand, an industry-leading Technical Consulting, Services and Software Solutions provider, to facilitate the integration of logistics product data into dynamic S1000D electronic publications, via OmegaPS and the R4i CSDB Suite.

The collaboration supports the operation and maintenance of complex assets and is key to obtaining the full potential for the Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) and resulting Logistics Product Data (LPD).

This seamless delivery will dynamically produce technical data to meet the requirements of ASD S1000D, CAWG CMP’s, MIL-STD-3031, DEF-AUST 5629B, C-01-100-100 /AG-006 DND dual column format, and other industry delivery specifications.

Pennant Canada looks forward to working with OneStrand at DEFSEC, Halifax (1st – 3rd October) and the 2019 S1000D User Forum at the Hilton London Tower Bridge on the 14th to 17th October. Both companies will have representatives speaking at the London event to share their expertise and knowledge in ILS and ASD S1000D.

For more details please contact: [email protected]


Other industries

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