Eliminate spooky creatures from your technical publishing dreams!

When it comes to the technical publications industry, companies tend to offer one of two solutions to your problems. Both of these options can turn into a Halloween nightmare.

  1. The Zombie effect. These creatures take over your S1000D processes by accomplishing the task themselves. However this doesn’t increase your ability to build your own knowledge base. This creates miss-communications between them and you.
  1. The Vampire. They sell you software that promises to address all your S1000D publishing problems. You buy the software, they set it up and fly off into the night, leaving you to figure out how to fit the software into your publishing process.

These ghouls offer solutions looking for a problem! In my experience, identifying the problem is half the solution. Neither the Vampire nor the Zombie can truly meet your needs if the problem to be solved is not clearly identified.

What if there was a team of ghoul-busters dedicated to identifying and meeting your needs? Industry experts that can provide assistance in creating S1000D processes customized for your unique situation. This includes experienced writers who can help you create your content or convert legacy data.

Imagine a powerful wizard that could HOST or install your S1000D software and continue to support your publishing environment. A robust S1000D solution that will allow you to vampire-proof your IETP and PDF creation process. When selecting a software vendor, choose one that will be with you when the sun comes up.

OneStrand’s team of ghoul-busters are documentation process experts, writers, illustrators, software developers and trainers; ready to address your company-specific needs. OneStrand can enable you to take your technical publications to where they need to go.  We’ll work with you to develop a custom-tailored plan and a process to support your journey and build your team’s capability along the way, leaving no skeletons in the closet.

If you’re surrounded by zombies and running from vampires…. who you gonna call? OneStrand!


Reeta Nye
Senior Consultant



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