Pennant’s technical training division is a global, leading provider of technology-based training solutions to the Defence, Aerospace and safety critical industries. Over recent years, the Group’s offering has expanded into civil markets with the alignment and mapping of our training aids to aviation regulations such as EASA/EMAR, FAA, City & Guilds and CASA MEA Units compliant organisations.

Our core capabilities include: Translating and developing a training requirement into a deliverable product, Providing subject matter expertise in specialist and technical areas, Operator and maintainer training within an engineering or related environment, Hardware and Software solutions, and Through Life Product Support & Services.

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Our range of generic training equipment offers a suite of modern training aids, providing operation and maintenance training in a secure and controlled training environment.


Our experienced team of hardware and software engineers are able to analyse, design and manufacture bespoke engineering solutions to satisfy any training needs.


Our Emulators & Simulators provide the opportunity for recruits to train and interact (to a lesser or greater degree) as they would with the real equipment or systems.


Our innovative VR products and capabilities provide a fully immersive training experience that a user would expect from the real world, but in a danger-free environment.


A freestanding helicopter trainer enabling students to carry out practical training by performing standard maintenance procedures associated with rotary wing aircraft.
Virtual Reality, VR, the innovative combination of software, 3D media and an array of fairly complex equipment to generate a totally immersive, three-dimensional environment which can be used for both leisure and, increasingly, training.
Pennant have found training academies have used the GenSkill as the starting piece for hand skill training, Students can progress at a pace that suits them, slowly progressing to  more challenging hardware and electrical training tasks.
Either Emulation or Simulation allows trainees to become competent and confident prior to progressing to training with the real equipment. The ultimate decision on emulator or simulator comes down to the five ‘Fs’ – required levels of form, fit, feel, fidelity and function required to meet the training requirements.
Pennant has an experienced team of hardware and software engineers that are able to analyse, design and manufacture bespoke engineering solutions to satisfy a training need.
Instructor stations are available with serval trainers
Training technology can include avionics LRUs and equipment housed within realistic avionic bays
Touchscreen technology, in house 3D modelling and development to provide and end-to-end solution
Desk-top trainers can be created to presents a graphical representation of the element, which the student can interact with.
Training airframes to enable fast, realistic, effective training and to impart a thorough understanding of the principles and practices related to aircraft hydraulic, landing gear and flying control maintenance.
Small handheld training devices, suitable for beginners, training academies or those with small budgets
Fully immersive set-ups. Students consolidate their learning through practical exercises on  training aids in preparation for the real situation.



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