Real Benefits of S1000D…Priceless!

The other day I was reading a Customer Case Study from our Sister Company, Pennant IPS about the real benefits of S1000D documented by the customer. I felt that an overview of those benefits was worth mentioning in this month’s blog.

The Real Benefits of S1000D per the Customer:

These benefits were clearly realised and documented to include statistics within two years of purchasing the S1000D software:

  1. Software installed, configured and staff was trained in XML S1000D Authoring within a month.
  2. Publication backlog was cleared and 302 customer manuals were prepared within 2 years.
  3. Data from the CAD team was being produced into IPD manuals within 8 to 10 hours of release from Engineering.
  4. The ability to deliver both electronic and print mediums for customers was achieved. Electronic delivery had been requested by the customer base for several years and that goal had never been achieved previously.
  5. Approximately 75% of content was being re-used, in terms of data modules and images
  6. (i.e. only 25% of content is unique to only 1 manual).
  7. Based on the above re-use statistic and the fact that there is 42,000 data modules and over 125,000 images in their S1000D Common Source Database, the savings when updating parts only once into the system now is PRICELESS!

The full MacLean Engineering customer case study can be found here:

If you would like to discuss what benefits your business could achieve by moving into S1000D, email the OneStrand Team today for more information!

Melissa Lyn Pennline


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