The R4i Product Suite provides tools to create, manage and leverages S1000D, ATA and MIL-STD information, that is vital to the build, operation and maintenance of complex equipment.

The R4i Product Suite provides and end-to-end IPS solution, with the tools designed to be modular, easy to use and most importantly, robust.

Our range of S1000D compliant tools include:

  • R4i CSDB Server®
  • R4i Binder 
  • R4i Writer
  • R4i Viewer®

Change Packaging Module for R4i Binder Suite

To extend the reach of the R4i Binder suite we also offer a Change Packaging module.

This allows your authoring team to create change/revision packages in a matter of minutes, compared to the weeks that it can take to manually produce these changes.

R4i IPD Manager (Illustrated Parts Data)

R4i Illustrated Parts Data Manager automates the process of parts data creation, speeding time to market and eliminating human error from the parts data production cycle.

Designed to connect to disparate information systems, Microsoft Excel spread sheets and SQL Databases, IPD Manager authors simply map the data fields to their required export data sets.

R4i WebView

R4i WebView adds hardware and software portability to your Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP) distribution. Integrated with R4i CSDB Server, access to content within R4i WebView is managed by your publishing team. The R4i WebView displays the information in real-time including images and PDF files and is one of the modules available in the R4i S1000D software suite and includes unlimited users per server.

R4i Task Manager

Enhance project control and task progression with R4i Task Manager, the CSDB integrated productivity tool which ensures teams can access and assign work tasks to local and global assets.

The browser based Task Manager Console provides a clear view of task status and history.

R4i MobieTP 

Leverage your technical and operational content with R4i Viewers for Android.  Mobile IETPs free technicians, operators and crews from desktop PCs and bulky laptops at minimum cost to an organisation.

Mobile IETP Viewer for Android utilize single source IETP packages generated from the R4i CSDB Server, including support for applicability.

R4i Data Module eXchanger (DMX)

R4i Data Module eXchanger (DMX) provides an easy way to convert your legacy S1000D content to the newer versions. The processing engine can handle conversion from both SGML and XML legacy S1000D content.

R4i DMX dramatically reduces the manual work effort involved in migrating to a new version, while ensuring project decisions for the v4.x series is configured.

(Content Distribution & Management Server)

R4i CDMS is an IETP Distribution Ecosystem that provides information publishers with control of the distribution lifecycle of their online and offline content.

The CDMS is designed specifically to make deployment and maintenance of IETP Viewers and IETP content easy for Publication Managers without needing assistance for the IT department.

R4i WorkSpace for Adobe FrameMaker

Author S1000D Data Modules in Adobe FrameMaker 11, 12, FrameMaker 2015 and FrameMaker 2017 and browse directly into the R4i CSDB to easily insert references to Data Modules, External Technical Publications, Images and Applicability element blocks.

This tool eliminates the need for some authors to have a separate R4i CSDB Standard license, as R4i WorkSpace will be the only connection they need into the Common Source DataBase (CSDB).

R4i WorkSpace for Arbortext Editor

R4i WorkSpace® is a powerful plug-in for Arbortext Editor v5.4, 6 and 7. R4i WorkSpace installs with schemas and stylesheets for S1000D versions 2.2 XML through to 4.2 of the ASD S1000D Specification. Technical Authors can work in their native Arbortext Editor environment whilst accessing Data Modules, images and other resources directly from the R4i CSDB Server.

The tool eliminates the need for authors to use multiple tools, providing direct access into the hosted or locally installed R4i S1000D Common Source DataBase.

R4i LTS (LSA To S1000D)

R4i LTS (LSA to S1000D) is a powerful productivity tool that takes engineering content contained within a Logistics Services Analysis (LSA) database and utilizes it to dynamically generate compliant technical data to the ASD S1000D specification.

R4i LTS is an optional licensed module that integrates with the R4i Common Source Database (CSDB) Server.

R4i AIR – S1000D Tools in the Cloud

R4i AIR S1000D Hosted Software provides authoring teams with a turnkey, ready to write S1000D Product Suite without the upfront cost of purchasing hardware and software. Start your S1000D project today by subscribing to a selection of Pennant’s Hosted S1000D systems. Each system includes Authoring, Management, and Print tools that connect to in-Cloud Common Source Databases.

R4i BREX Validator

The R4i BREX Validator is a tool that can be used to validate Data Modules and Publication Modules against a Business Rules (BREX). This tool allows you to validate any XML S1000D module against any BREX of the same specification version, not just the BREX that has been referenced in the Identification and Status section.

R4i Floating License Server

R4i Floating License Server is a web-based application that provides the ability to provide floating (concurrent) licenses for your R4i products. This application should be installed onto a machine that has IIS enabled and users have access to the machine within the organisation.

R4i STE with R4i Writer

R4i Writer is the most advanced XML Authoring Tool for Technical Writers required to create mission critical content. The optional Simplified Technical English (STE) Module enables authors to easily comply with the ASD-STE100 International Specification. Validate S1000D data modules directly within R4i Writer accessing project specific and STE Dictionaries.

R4i Media Generator

R4i Media Generator creates technical and operational information that complies with industry specifications including ASD S1000D, ATA Spec 2100, Spec 1000BR, iSpec 2200, iSpec 2300, MilSpec, Shipdex, Raildex, DITA and others



Other industries

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