Is “Hugging the Equipment” an option or a Mandatory Requirement in the Technical Data Environment?

Over the years it’s been noted by some that although a technical writer or illustrator will often develop technical data by being able to see and touch the actual equipment, this is not always a recognized process, nor is the cost to support this task within the budget. Some may also disagree with the perception that technical writers and illustrators built upfront quality in the technical data by being able to “hug the equipment”, and therefore successfully saved their programs both time and money overall.

Twenty (20) years ago being left to my own devices to successfully transform an office full of manuals into a functional technical publications department, I needed to figure out what was going to be the leanest way for me to achieve that challenge with no budget other than my annual salary. With no technical data experience in aviation and understanding what resources were available to me in support of this success, I immediately chose to “hug the equipment”, which at the time was a Boeing 727 and B737-800 passenger aircraft. However, I now realize after many lessons learned that this is not always an available option as it once was, but we are still faced with the same challenges of keeping costs low to achieve applicable approvals from multiple aviation authorities in minimal to no time.

So how do you remain Lean and Cost-effective when the leanest solution is not available?

Join us next month for an all-inclusive interactive webinar that outlines through real-world experiences and lessons learned, how successful technical publication teams have overcome these challenges.

Melissa Pennline
Business Development Manager
OneStrand LLC

 2:00pm Wednesday April 18th, 2018
Canada (EDT): 5:00pm Wednesday April 18th, 2018
AUS (AEST): 7:00am Thursday 19th of April, 2018

We hope you can join us for this informative webinar session!


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